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The benefits of fidget objects for seniors with dementia

Many individuals with Alzheimer’s or dementia show anxiety or agitation through their hands. They may begin to fidget, pull at clothes or blankets, wring their hands, or rub their hands together.
Our fidget mats are one way to help restore calm.
Our mats and rings contain a variety of items and textures for sensory stimulation. Some include zippers, buttons, buckles, ribbon, velour, faux fur, fleece, etc.
Benefits for those loved ones with dementia or Alzheimer’s are:
▪︎Exercise and increase mobility in hands & fingers
▪︎Improves circulation
▪︎Calms agitated hands
▪︎Great stress reliever
▪︎Can help to reduce anxiety
▪︎Provides an alternative to tearing up tissues or picking at skin
▪︎Offers a talking point encouraging interaction
If you have specific needs for your fidget item, please contact me and we can customize one for you. (Colours, patterns, your loved ones favourite sport, activity, colour, job etc...)
You can message me at or purchase the custom options in the shop and I will contact you with some questions to create a personalized item just for you. 

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