Meet The Team

WHO we are

Ruth Ann Swanburg, our owner and founder, has been creating visual content since the early days of digital graphic design. In the 1990’s she worked as a 3D model constructionist for an engineering firm, working with clients like Irving Pulp & Paper and Michelin. She went on to focus on advertising and graphic design until she moved to Moncton in the early 2000’s.

Through blogging at and her social media presence over the last 16 years, she has created a community resource for busy families, meal planning & prep enthusiasts and people wanting to connect with where they are from. Ruth Ann is all about creating connections in the community. Helping others make those connections is what fuels everything here at

Michelle Collins, co-founder of BBLink, our event that connects influencers and brands. She is a writer, blogging at, event planner and our networking expert! Michelle offers years of coaching experience, content creation and is half of the creative team behind our projects and events.